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This SA (SOPARFI) set up in 1996 is now sleeping in Luxembourg.

This SOPARFI now own a villa in St MAXIME (FRANCE), face to St Tropez in the Domain of Souvenance, 1 km away from the sea.The Villa was estimated in 2014 at 1,45 million of euro, with a surface of 256m2 and 2200 m2 of ground, one swimming pool, 1 sauna, 7 rooms, 4 washing rooms, one garage for 3 cars without plots. Actually, the villa is rented at 2 600€/month with 200€ included for the agency.

Ground and residential tax of 700€/ year. There is also the SOPARFI annual accounting cost of 800€ and the annual location cost of 1500€.

Advantages to acquire this Luxembourgish SA SOPARFI :

  • Procedure of a simple notary act which cost 800€
  • No taxes in case of buying, also on profit and no taxes on transmission
  • The ownership could be on the person which detain the shares
  • For russian citizenship, this SOPARFI is the only way to detain some property in Europe ...

To conclude, this Luxembourgish SA (SOPARFI) is ideal for a foreigner which would like to invest some money in Europe and also use this SOPARFI to set up a company and start some activities in Europe.