About the AllSportsBusiness

The AllSportsBusiness is a business circle based on a network made up of 30 years of international business. This business circle around sports, arts and entrepreneurship, exists for 3 years and aims to support talents whether they are athletes, artists, inventors, or entrepreneurs. In three years, we have developed two brands THILLEON® and SERVIN® and supported 6 athletes (one of the three best Russian tennis players under 16, the best Russian woman disabled skier, two kayakers, the European bench press record holder, an ultra-trail specialist from the Vosges), the inventor of SERVIN® and a craftsman passionate about wooden objects with whom we co-registered the THILLEON® brand. Each year, we donate 3% of the turnover generated by the marketing of our brands to our talents. In the fall, we will organize the THILLETON, our annual fundraising event for our talents and for this occasion, we will open a Leetchi or Ayomi pot for talent profits open to companies and donators to multiply by x the amounts of checks funded by AllSportsBusiness.