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You are a key player in your field, we invite you to join and have fun with us.

The aim of this charter is to clarify our duties and obligations to each other, to strengthen our cohesion

and encourage the development of friendship and business around our passions, sports and arts.

Our duties and expectations:

①  to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

② to participate in the best of one’s ability in the activities and life of the club.

③ to be caring, genuine, sincere and responsive to the members.

④ to develop and maintain conviviality among club members.

⑤ to avoid any criticism or negativity against the club or its members, except in internal debate.

⑥ to give preference to members while keeping one's independence of judgment, speech and action.

⑦ to cultivate friendship, generate synergy among the members, develop business and give back profits to support our athletes. 

⑧ to support each other in life; to support ALLSPORTS.BUSINESS athletes.

⑨ to solve any issues or potential disputes between members.

⑩ to honor and respect our business club history, our members, one’s word and one’s commitments.